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Choosing an agent to represent one of your greatest financial investments is an important decision. I believe that it is essential to know who you're working with.


Do you have confidence in their experience? Do you trust their character? Will you get along well? Hopefully this section will help you determine if we'd be a good match.

Dwight and DeAnna Hurt


Dwight and I have been enjoying married life for 30+ years. We have 3 adult children, one grandson, and two daughter-in-loves. Hurt Real Estate Group is the result of many years of traveling, buying, selling, and investing in properties as a family. In our early years as a family, we would take Sunday drives into neighborhoods looking at all types of houses, dreaming that one day home ownership would become a reality. I will never forget when we bought our first home in Honey Creek Golf and Country Club Subdivision in the 90's. That was the start of dreams becoming reality. From there, we began investing in rental properties, renovations, and flips. We taught our children how to invest in real estate and they too are homeowners, investors and a part of Hurt Real Estate Group. 

Dwight holds a Bachelor of Religious Studies degree from Luther Rice Seminary, but his background is in HVAC, general carpentry, building and floor maintenance. I have a Master of Social Work from the University of Georgia, and my background is in mental health. I worked for years in the NC School Systems and Georgia School Systems as a School Social Worker before making the decision to become a full-time licensed real estate agent. It was actually the transition of our middle son from this life to heaven that caused us to seize the moment to start a real estate company knowing time is short. So this business is dedicated to Dwight, Jr. who was a teacher in Rome City School District and our biggest supporter.

We have traveled all over the world, meeting people from diverse cultures, learning how to appreciate and value those who don't look or live like us. One of our personal goals is to fly to all seven continents, and we've flown to five. We've enjoyed visiting places like Dubai, Rome, Egypt, New Zealand, Paris, Cairo, Australia, Paris, London, Mancheseter, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Beijing, and so many more. This has absolutely been the highlight of our lives. This experience helps us navigate the real estate process for our international as well as our local customers. 

Lastly, Dwight and I, and our family are committed to giving back. In 2016, I founded an organization called iam HOPE (Helping Others to Push and Endure). This organization sends HOPE boxes all over the world to those recently diagnosed with Lupus and Cancer. I, along with my daughter are Lupus Warriors, and my mother is a cancer survivor.  Every year we host a Celebration of Life Lupus and Cancer Gala to honor those living with this dreadful disease. Some days are harder than others, but we want people to know "There is no Hurt God Can't Heal".  



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